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Updated Pages: I have put up all the photos I took and all the ones sent to me so far. Feel free to send more. If you want something posted, send it to me. And, the stripper pole pictures are UP. Can you believe Tim's has a pole? And a house on Kiefaber? I'm so jealous . . . . . .

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2002 Rhino Classic and Phi Kappa Mu Reunion Pictures
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Thanks again to Gil for organizing another great weekend. The 2003 Rhino Classic and Phi Kappa Mu Reunion was a success!

2003 Rhino Classic and Phi Kappa Mu Reunion Pictures
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There is no place like UD. Sports victories and huge parties, St. Patty's Day and Homecoming (the latter two now phased out), if you lived through it you'll never forget it -- the real UD experience occurred in the ghetto.

Since the UD site is for alumni only (graduating's overrated), this site will serve as an alternative, to be used by anyone who ever attended UD.

And, you recent graduates who get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when the work day is full of strife and you think back to your care-free Dayton days and you long to go back and you know you can't -- that feeling never ever goes away. Get used to it.


There are photos, business links and personal info. Hey, if you're looking at the site, so are many others. Send in a photo or fill out the personal info form and we will post them so others can see and share in your UD experience.

We have a Chat Room, and a Bulletin Board. Post any memories you want to share, and you can suggest a new topic by sending an email. Directions for the bulletin board can be found by clicking here.

For current job-hunting students and any former students looking for a new line of work, we will soon have an area where you can post your resume. If you are an employer and wish to hire a UD alum, contact me and that information can be posted, too.

Have fun.

Please note: There are two sections of photos, some from "Then" some from "Now." Feel free to submit photos from your time at Dayton, or send any current pictures you may want to share (Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).

When submitting a photo or photos, please let me know (in the email message) the year when the photo was taken to allow for easy posting.

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